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Performance Packet for

Babes In Toyland

Ballet F - Village Children

2 PM Show

Dance Davidson Parents of the: Ballet F (Thursdays 4:45-5:45 class) - Village Children in 2:00 show

It is so important for you to read this information packet carefully NOW. Please don’t lose this information.

Saturday, Dec. 10 - Run through rehearsal at the studio

 – this is not mandatory, but this is an EXTREMELY important rehearsal!

This is a rehearsal for all dancers. We will be doing “run-throughs” of the entire show. This is a very important, recommended rehearsal where all the dancing, acting, and timing come together. It is also a fun time for the students to watch all of the other dances. During dress rehearsal and the actual performance, they are waiting in the dressing room and in the wings, so they really aren’t able to see much of the show. Please follow the schedule below:

______ 7:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.: All Company members and apprentices

 __X__ 2:00 show Act 1 & 2 – 8:30-10:15 a.m. – Village Children (Thurs 4:45 Ballet F), Wee Willlie Winkie (Sun 2:00 Contemp A), Sheep (Sat 10:15 Combo B3 - split class), Jack B. Nimble dancers (Tues 8:00 Hip Hop A), Young at Heart (Tues 4:45 Ballet J1) Blackbirds (Wed 5:30 Modern A), Bye Bye Blackbirds (Tues 6;15 Musical Theatre), Fiddlers (Thurs 5:45 Tap E), Gypsies (Thurs 6:15 Ballet D), Moths (Wed 5:00 Ballet B1)

_____ 2:00 show Act 3 – 10:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. – Can-Can dolls (Wed 6:30 Jazz C, Ballerina Dolls (Mon 5:15 Combo B1), Jesters (Sat 4:00 Contemp C), Puppets (Fri 6:45-Tap B)

_____6:00 show Act 1 – 1:00- 2:45 p.m. – Village Children (Thurs 6:30 Ballet G), Wee Willlie Winkie (Sun 6:00 Contemp B), Sheep (Sat 10:15 Combo B3 - split class), Jack B. Nimble dancers (Mon 8:30 Jazz A), Young at Heart (Mon 7:30 Modern C) Blackbirds (Sun 7:00 Modern B), Fiddlers (Tues 4:45 Combo A1), Gypsies (Mon 6:15 Ballet E), Spiders (Wed 7:30 Jazz B, Trolls (Mon 6:30 Jazz D), Moths (Tues 7:15 Ballet C2)

_____ 6:00 show Act 2 – 2:45 -4:15 p.m.- Toy Soldiers (Thurs 7:30 Tap D), Can-Can dolls (Thurs 6:30 Tap C), Ballerina Dolls (Tues 4:30 Combo B2), Puppets (Fri 4:45-Tap A)


Saturday, Dec. 17 – MANDATORY dress rehearsal at the theatre

Any dancer who misses dress rehearsal will not be permitted to perform in the show – no exceptions.

Your dancer has a mandatory dress rehearsal on Sat, Dec. 17 at the Duke Family Performance Hall at:

___ 7:00 a.m. - mandatory company & apprentice warm-up. Doors will open no earlier than 6:30 a.m. Rehearsal will be over at 3:15 p.m.

__X_8:00 – 10:15

____9:30 -11:30

 ___12:00-2:00 __1:15 - 3:15

(2:00 show, Act 1&2) (2:00 show, Act 3) (6:00 show, Act 1&2) (6:00 show, Act 3) 

  • _____7:00 a.m. - mandatory company & apprentices warm-up. Rehearsal will be over at 2:30 p.m.  Company Photos will be taken after rehearsal, ending at 3:15.
  • _____8:00 - 10:15 (2:00 show, Act 1)
  • _____9:15 -11:00  (2:00 show, Act 2)
  • _____10:15 - 12:15  (6:00 show, Act 1)
  • _____12:30 - 2:30  (6:00 show, Act 2)

About Dress Rehearsal: Please bring your dancer promptly to:

  • _____900 Room/Shaw Smith Room, 3rd Floor
  • _____Sprinkle Room, 4th Floor
  • _____Downstairs dressing rooms, basement

These rooms are located in the College Union. NO Males allowed in girls’ dressing areas.

Once you find your room, look for a poster with the name of your child’s dance, with his or her name underneath. This is where you will drop off your dancer and leave. There will be at least 2 helpers (mother volunteers) to help dress and stay with your dancer during dress rehearsal. Then return at the end of the rehearsal time to the same location to pick your dancer up. You will not be permitted in the theatre. Dress rehearsal is closed - no exceptions.

Photographs: After your dancer has rehearsed their dance, an individual photo may be taken if desired. If you wish to purchase a photo package you must tell your dancer’s backstage helper and give her the photo order form (included in this e-mailing) in an envelope with your money. She will take your dancer to the photographer to have her or his photo made. She will not do this unless you give her the envelope and money. Then she will return your dancer back to his or her dressing station to get dressed.

Parking and Directions: The theatre is located inside the Knobloch Campus Center – 207 Faculty Drive, Davidson, NC 28036. Parking is available at the Baker Sports Complex, off of Concord Rd., directly across from Woodland St. This is the only campus parking area that you may use. You will be towed if you park anywhere else. After parking at the Baker Sports Complex, walk up the hill, turn left at the wildcat statue - College Union will be on your right. Please allow extra time to park and find your way.

Costume and make-up: Your dancer will need the following for both dress rehearsal and the performance:

_X__ No food or drink in any of the dressing areas.

_X__ No underwear, fingernail polish, tattoos or jewelry of any kind – this includes pierced earrings. Parents, please do not send your dancer to the rehearsal or performance with any kind of jewelry - it may get lost or stolen.

____ full stage make up: foundation, blush, eye shadow (not blue), eye liner, mascara, lipstick (reds or pinks)

___ partial stage make up: blush & lipstick – reds or pinks

___ hair in a neat, secure bun, lots of bobby pins, hairspray & hair net around bun, no wisps - bangs allowed

____ hair in a neat, secure bun, lots of bobby pins, hairspray & hair net around bun, no wisps - no bangs allowed

____ clean pink ballet shoes, w/ elastic ___pointe shoes, bring needle & thread _____Black jazz shoes

____ black camisole leotard ____ flesh colored camisole leotard

___ pale pink tights, not shiny, no holes, with feet ___pale pink tights, not shiny, no holes, without feet

___ black tights, not shiny, no holes, with feet _____ black tights, not shiny, no holes, without feet


Sunday, May 24 Performance Information

  • _____Your dancer is in both shows, BUT must be on the stage for warm-up at 12:00 noon sharp, arrive early! Stage door will open no earlier than 11:30 a.m.
  • _____Your dancer is in the 2:00 show, BUT must arrive in the theatre no later than 1:00.
  • _____Your dancer is in the 6:00 show, BUT must arrive in the theatre no later than 5:00.

Do not leave the building between shows.

Please bring your dancer promptly to the theatre at the assigned time (same place as dress rehearsal). After your dancer has performed, he or she will be taken back to their dressing area - this is where you may pick your dancer up after the show is over. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER OR LEAVE THE AUDITORIUM WHILE THE SHOW IS IN PROGRESS. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL INTERMISSION OR WHEN THE SHOW IS OVER. If you must leave early, please purchase “standing room only” tickets, so that you can come and go and not disturb anyone.


This show will sell out!

Children under the age of 3 are not permitted.

Volunteers and Patrons may pre-order tickets now through May. 1

We are well into rehearsals for our upcoming production of “Dancing Through the Decades”. Some classes have even tried their costumes on and now we need your help!!

Would you like to be able to pre-order tickets?

Patrons and Volunteers will be given first priority and will be able to pre-order their tickets and choose their reserved seats.

This year we are using SignUpGenius for Volunteers AND Patrons. When volunteering and donating, please ONLY use the SignUpGenius to notify us – this will help keep things straight.

Ticket prices prior to May 24, 2020 are: $19.99 Reserved Seats and $10.99 Standing Room Only. No one under the age of 3. During the past shows we had a crying baby in the audience and it was VERY distracting.

IMPORTANT!! Ticket prices the day of performance are $24.99 Reserved Seats and $15.99 Standing Room Only

NEW:  We are no longer selling physical tickets before the performance. All tickets need to be purchased online through Tututix. You can do this through the end of the performance. If you need help with this the day of the performance, please see a representative at the t-shirt table for help.


We need your help. We simply cannot create these performances without lots of help and support from the parents and the community.

Below you will find a SignUpGenius link where you can volunteer for a variety of "Behind-the-Scenes" jobs, but please know that what we always need the most and struggle with is BACKSTAGE MOMS! I find myself pleading and begging sometimes a day or two before the actual show for moms to help our dancers stay safe and organized backstage. We need backstage moms for all ages, not just the younger dancers. PLEASE consider volunteering as a backstage mom. We are so desperate for you!! Please consider being a backstage mom for your dancer’s class for both dress rehearsal & the performance – you will be able to see their dance up close backstage. Or be a backstage mom for a class that is in the opposite show & dress rehearsal so that you can sit in the audience and watch.

2pm Backstage Mom

Volunteer Sign-up Link

6pm Backstage Mom Volunteer Sign-up Link

"Other" Behind the Scenes Volunteer Jobs


Also, below is a SignUpGenius for patrons. The performance fees that are paid never cover all of the expenses - rental of the theatre, tech crew, costumes, dry cleaning of those costumes, props, etc., so we ask for sponsorship. Your family's name or business name will be listed in the program as well as on the large donor board displayed in the lobby. You will also receive free tickets based on your donation level.

Donor Link

How do I order my tickets?

We will be using Tututix again for our ticketing process. When we receive your donation and/or you volunteer through SignUpGenius, we will give you an access code that will give you the ability to purchase up to 5 tickets per performance before tickets go on sale to non-patron/non-volunteer families on May. 1, 2020 in addition to your free tickets based on your donation level. We will send you the code to use through Tututix to access your free tickets and to select your seats in the order in which donations are received. Each code is specific to your level of participation.

On May 1, 2020, you can purchase additional tickets when tickets are available to the general public. Please do not ask us to make exceptions with this. We have MANY families involved in the production.

When you receive your code please go to Tututix and submit your code to buy tickets.

You are also welcome to call the toll free call center if you would rather read off your code and have your order placed for you over the phone at 855.222.2849. If you have any problems or questions related to tickets, please call Tututix at the number listed above. If you can not get the problem resolved through them, please email my office manager at to get her involved.

Keep scrolling for DVD and Photo info

Keep scrolling for DVD and Photo info

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