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Important info to start dance class

Classes begin 8.14.23


Please, please, please read the following so slowly and carefully.   Please read over these policies, so no one is surprised or disappointed when they arrive for class.


Parking - You may park anywhere in town EXCEPT the employee parking lot which butts up to Jackson Street. Don't park there. Tell your relatives, babysitters, nannies, etc. not to park there. We have teachers and student drivers who take classes as late as 9:30 p.m. and I do not want them to have to park far away from the building. We will have cones out there blocking the entrance. Do not move them. You may park in the post office parking lot only if you are just dropping off or picking up a student. Do not park in those spaces if you plan on staying more than 10 minutes. You may also park along Jackson St., or Main St.

Do not park in the employees only parking lot that faces Jackson St.

Dancewear - here is the link to the dress code for each class

  • All shoes, leotards, tights, and dance bags should be marked clearly with full names.
  • No jewelry, except small rings and earrings, may be worn in class. Warm-up clothing is not permitted, including skirts or leg warmers. Extra clothing impedes movement and hinders placement correction.
  • Dance shoes may not be worn outside the studio.
  • Attendance - Best results are achieved by attending class on a regular basis. Students cannot advance if they miss too many classes, and they may be asked to move to a lower level or be unable to participate in a performance.

Class levels: We tend to start out the season slowly, reviewing the basics for the first 2 weeks or so. Before thinking that your dancers should be in a different level, please give it a few weeks. Your dancer may be in a different class/level than he or she was in last year. Please remember that we are a technique focused studio and our number one priority is to teach these students correctly and safely. Each dancer learns at a different pace. Each dancer has different strengths and weaknesses. And the really hard part is when they are not in the same class as their friends. Please read the wonderful excerpt below from Joy Warner that I send out each year. She was the principal of Community School of Davidson and TRULY has a much better way with words than I do.

Thank you!


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